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Ways to get cash fast

When could one need an urgent loan? Oh, there can be a great number of life situations! Let’s omit sad examples with sudden illness and turn to something more common like a car breakdown or a last minute travel offer that will not wait for your next paycheck.

Instant loan

An instant loan is the best possible solution if you know that you will pay back on time and if you need a small amount of money. Borrowing more means that you will have to overpay more as well which can be inacceptable. We suggest applying for Wisconsin payday loans only in emergency and for small amounts of money that are easy to repay. Before signing the agreements please make sure you did not miss anything especially the information regarding extra fees.

Unlike bank loans instant cash advance works in a different basis. The lender operates under very high risk which leads to very high interest rate. Somewhere it is possible to find loans at more reasonable interest rate, though – if you have enough time it’s worth trying to find a “cheaper” loan.

Such non-bank loans are often the only solution for customers with bad credit score or with bank loans unpaid. As the practice shows nothing bad or unexpected happens if one pays back an instant loan in time. Problems start only in case of payments delay.


You have probably seen those bulky machines in malls and shopping centers. People put plastic bottles and cans there and get some money back. The cost of one can or bottle varies depending on the state and particular recycling machine, but without a doubt you may get some cash for a significant number of items. Take a look around in the kitchen – maybe you already have few dozens of bottles and cans? Each may cost from $0.05 to $0.1 or even more.

Sell what you don’t need

We all have a lot of things we do not use. Frankly speaking, some of these we have never used since the moment of purchase as we bought different stuff spontaneously, without thinking too much. Well, you are probably not an exception for this rule. Check your house for old cell phones, gamepads, books or any other belonging you could get rid of without feeling sorry.

Check when there is a fair in your county and try to sell things there. Another solution is a garage sale. It is perfect if you have such a tradition in your neighborhood – use it to get some extra cash without paying any taxes.

Borrow from family and friends

Frankly speaking, this is the last thing to do, but if you have no other chances – ask the nearest and dearest for help. They will never let you down, but you must be really responsible with such obligations.

Low credit score – sentence to poverty?

Low credit score does not mean that getting a loan is out of question – there is always a way out. Of course, it’s much better to prevent such a situation when poor credit history creates serious obstacles for your financial soundness. Anyway, if it already happened – you need to deal with it.

Credit unions

People who failed to pay for their loans fall out of the white lists. They simply do not fit the requirements all major banks have and there is no hope to get any money there. Credit unions have a different approach to customers.

In general a credit union operates on the same basis as a bank, but it belongs to its member. What’s more, credit unions are non-profit organizations with lower interest rates than any cash loans. Use the Internet to find credit unions in your area. If you are in a tough situation you have all the changes to get your loan application approved.

Mortgage your house

Speaking about applying for a loan with low credit score we have mentioned that major and reputable banks would certainly reject such an application. However you can get a loan using a home line equity credit.

Please make sure you will be able to repay the debt otherwise you will just lose your property. Walking on such a thin ice is worth only in case of real emergency.

Online P2P loans

Peer-to-peer loans have always been popular. Such loans are often preferred to bank credits even if a person has no problems with banks. Using P2P loans you can negotiate and ask for the most profitable conditions.

The luckiest borrowers take P2P loans with 6% interest rate only which is incredibly low. Everything depends on your negotiation skills and on the trust between you and the person on the other side.

There are many P2P websites – select a service you find trustworthy and request a loan there.

Fast cash

Nowadays bad credit payday loans are allowed nearly all around the USA. Only few states still consider fast loans as something illegal or partly legal. We highly recommend you to check the most relevant information for your state.

Cash advance is a very tempting solution for those who needs the money right now, but at the same time high interest rates scare people away. It is very important to find a company with good reputation and to check the credit agreement thoroughly. Quite often there are no hidden fees and commissions; as for negative reviews these are frequently caused by payments delay. Customers fail to pay in time and turn mad because of fines and extra fees.

Believe us, there is nothing that scary in payday loans if you repay timely. Finally, it makes no sense to take any kind of a loan if you are not going to pay back in time.